About Wilfile

Wilfile started as Willamette Media Services back in 2008 after had spending several years producing videos for a major Seattle based ministry for use in their childrens ministry department producing over 100 videos that were used for promotions and teaching material

Since that time, the business changed when relocated to the Willamette Valley producing videos for special events and working on media preservation activities for special organizations including working with ministries in the Willamette Valley producing church services for internet video streaming purposes.

Since 2016, Willamette Media Service has focused on providing software applications, integrated into database servers for business and personal purposes using Microsoft Server and internet services (IIS) with Oracle MySQL Server.

Wilfile operates and manages websites for businesses and non-profit organizations for Oregon, Washington, and Alaska including timebabcock.net and kingcovebiblechurch.org

Wilfile supports Microsft Access applications, using Office 365, to manage data for small business applicatoins as well devleoping applications that can integrated in Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google for database services.

Wilfile provide support for Nextcloud providing in house cloud services using Virtual Machines, Docker, and Ubuntu server to store documenation, company information, and personal files providing a mobile backup resource using secured connections with SSL and VPN services.

Wilfile ownership has been active in the IT industry since 1982 starting with computer programming on various home computer systems while graduating from ITT Technical Institute learning the IT business from instructors that were responsible for setting up the IT infrastructure for Safeco during the 1960's and 70;s.  During the 1980s, Tim worked on various IT projects for logistical operations in the Seattle-Tacoma area including the first UPS manifest system created in the United States for Union Bay Sportswear.