Data applications the cover the transaction and the paperwork

Wilfile is a company (based in the Willamette Valley) working on secured web services utilizing your computer or mobile devices to enter and access personal transactions and it's documentation, using MySQL Server with .NET Fraemwork, that can store your information on low cost computer servers in your home, office, or on cloud services provided by Microsoft (Azure), Google, and Amazon (AWS).

Wilfile is supported by a staff with over 40 years of IT experience using database services to create applications that can be used for personal uses as well as businness needs that have been adapted to access from any computer or mobile device that has started since the early days of client/server networks.

In addition, Wilfile supports the use of Nextloud Hub for storing files and documentation using a Linux based cloud server system that can be installed on Windows Virtual Machines and low cost Linux servers including Raspberry Pi devices that can backup information from your phone to the server within minutes.

Your information is just as important as your phone and with the increase of theft in phones and tablets, your information can get into the wrong hands.

Regardless of how much memory you think you need on your mobile devices, these systems allow you to upgrade on your own keeping terabyte storage secured in your home or office.

To be released in 2024

These applications have been under development (on a part time basis) since 2015.

Since there have been times that networks, computer upgrades, and website maintenance has been needed to keep this system secured and running.

The idea of creating web applications while utilizing MySQL Server to store personal information as well as the documentation, wasn't intended to be release to the public, but with the concerns of keeping information secured and availale to use on other devices, it was decided to create secured web applicaitons that can be used on mobile devices as well as computers with the goal of storing the data on database in the home or using the services of Azure, Google, and AWS (when using MySQL services).

Wilfile Medical

Wilfile Medical was tested in 2023 to see how medical transactions would be handled from the beginning of the year to the the end of year processing HRA and HSA transactions that this app will be release in 2024.

Complete documentation is being put together while file hashing is being added to make sure that when the information is entered, it will stayed encrypted in the data base services as the data will entered in various security connections at the option of those who install and use it.

The focus of keeping medical records and it's information protected is important as some in the world are trying to get access to this information even when it has nothing to do with them.

Wilfile Employment

Wil File Employment will be available on Git Hub in 2024

This app is going to be released to work with the same design as Wilfile Medical and Accounting using Microsoft Internet Server with MySQL server.

In most cases, it is better to store your data onto other sources (besides your phone) to keep it more secure. While this application has been available in app stores, it has met it's challenges for getting it approved and working that it is better to keep it as a web application as well.

Wilfile Employment will combine work and address history using Microsoft Internet Server and MySQL.

In addition, educatoinal history will be added as well as options to add references.

This application will go beyond what other employment apps and web services use to provide an enhanced application to support the storage and information of complete work, education, and it's history in a secured way.

This software application will be released in 2024

Every web application realeased will work with your phone to access the internet to obtain the information you need.