wilfile.com domain

The new security system has been setup. With this new system, wilfile.com is fully operational and is no longer acting as a forwarding service under timbabcock.net (the primary domain to this server).

Searching and Cookiebot services will be pointing to the correct site in April of 2023.

Being release in 2023

In 2021 and 2022, Wilfile Medical and Accounting were scheduled to be released, but after performing rigourous tests, its was decided to retool eaach to do the following:

Two Factor Authentication to better security

Easier consolidation for accounts that needed to be paid and (in the case of accounting) payments to be recieved.

These features required a great deal of additional code, restructuring of existing database tables, and additional procedure code for adding and editing verious accounts and transcational situations.

Each app will contained detailed documentation (Microsoft Office and Libreoffice) showing every screen, app, database table, and procedure.

When these apps are released in 2023, it will be a complete version that made need a few updated from time to time.

These applications are being tested live to handle various financial transactions and situations to ensure that all the coding takes are of the majority of needs when used.

COBOL Support

As the result of fewer programs and apps that have been transferred over to cloud servers and newer systems, COBOL support will be provide in the future for businesses and government agencies that need assistance that had increased as the result of Covid-19.

COBOL programming was one of the first structured and compiled languages learned when attending ITT Tech back in the 1980's. It was the educational facility in the Seattle Area teaching and even students from the University of Washington took courses from the school that was taught by business professionals that setup the IT infrastructure for Safeco during the 1960's and 70's.

Since the 21st century, many apps have been produced using Visual Basic, C#, C+=, and C as well as Java and Python, COBOL apps continue to exist in many Fortune 500 companies with COBOL compilers still being supported by IBM and HP to use the applications on HPE and Microsoft Azure cloud servers for running reports, sorting records, and data entry tasks as it was intended to do since it's release in 1960.

In February, COBOL compilers have been installed on a Raspberry Pi system to work with Gnu COBOL while the Windows Server will be working with Micro Focus COBOL with Visual Studio using flat files to go through curriculum provided by Linked In Learning and IBM.

During 2022, there are going to be some test to see if a COBOL compiler can work with MySQL data tables. Some versions have options for SQL server capabilities as well as ODBC support that can work with current data needs that have changed in the last 60 years.

Wilfile Employment

Wil File Employment will be available on Git Hub in 2023

This app is going to be released to work with the same design as Wilfile Medical and Accounting using Microsoft Internet Server with MySQL server.

In most cases, it is better to store your data onto other sources (besides your phone) to keep it more secure. While this application has been available in app stores, it has met it's challenges for getting it approved and working that it is better to keep it as a web application as well.

Wilfile Employment will combine work and address history using Microsoft Internet Server and MySQL.

This software application will be release in 2023

Every web application realease will work with your phone to access the internet to obtain the information you need.